Bend Don't Break 2019 Feature Documentary

The Dundee Hurricanes are an amateur American football team who haven’t won a game in over 2 years. They’re officially the worst team in Britain, with rising costs to keep the club afloat and the team struggling to retain and recruit players last season they were close to the brink and almost called it a day. The new Season finds the club with a new coaching team. A new found optimism and believe they can turn things around. They only thing in their way, everyday life. Jobs, injuries, family, commitments.


Some of the players live and breathe football, it’s a way of life a mind-set, everything comes second including their health, family & jobs. The team includes a small group of Americans who can’t believe they have a second chance to play the game there were brought up with. In America, football is part of their cultural identity and it’s like a religion to them. Some of the Scottish players merely see the game as a hobby, which unfortunately for some

  has already resulted in serious concussions and broken bones.This film gives you an intimate insight into the players and coaches’ passion for the game and how they try to juggle life with struggling to keep the team alive. The film has been recently completed and will having limited screenings later on in the year. 

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The Racer 2018 BBC Scotland

Jodie Chalk has been different her whole life, Instead of playing with dolls, she played with bike parts and motorcycle’s.  Raised by her Dad Garfield.  Jodie grew up in motorcycling, battling against stereotypes in a male dominated sport. At 24 she is a two-time winner of the CB500 Scottish championship as well as a runner-up in the Thundersport British championship. She’s set track records all over Britain and hopes to race at the highest level at MotoGP.


The problem?? Financing and the perception that men are better racers than women. Garfield and Jodie come from a work class background and with a season costing up to 17k, Jodie and her Dad are struggling to stay in the sport despite her talent. They have to beg and borrow to stay in the sport and have racked up debts in order to do so. But they have a dream and drive to reach top, to reach Jodie’s goal of being the first female British MotoGP champion. Another barrier is because she’s a women and teams and sponsors aren’t likely to give her a chance. Despite these setbacks their love of each other and sport drives them forward to realize Jodie’s dream. The 30 mins doc has been shown on BBC Scotland and currently on the BBC iplayer.

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No Set Door Price 2014 Short film

A delve into the wild and unpredictable world of Edinburgh's street performers. What does it feel like to get up in the morning knowing that you may not make enough money for basic costs. Despite giving an amazing performance? Why would someone devote themselves to this life? The Street performers described in their own words their love of performance and entertaining the crowds despite their being no set door price.


The film has screened at several film festivals including The Edinburgh Short Film Festival, XPOnorth, Loch Ness Film Festvial, Toronto Indie Doc Fest, Doku Fest. The film was also shown on BBC Three on the BBC fresh Online strand. 

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Wrestling Is Like Ballet With Violence 2013
Short film

Why compete when you know you'll lose? Why put your body on the line. As told by the wrestlers themselves. We hear their thoughts on why they practice this so-called sport and why they put themselves through the ridicule of being called a wrestler. 


The film has screened at several film festivals including The Edinburgh Short Film Festival, XPOnorth, Loch Ness Film Festival, British Shorts Berlin Film Festival. Was shown on BBC 2 Scotland shorts documentaries strand.

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